About Online Certificate Programs

Take Your Engagement Skills to the Next Level with the Certificate Programs Offered by Claremont Lincoln University

Online Certificate Programs at Claremont Lincoln UniversityWhether you’re looking for practical training or simply want to learn more about how to engage in positive social change at your own pace, CLU has certificate programs designed to fit your needs.

Rooted in the theory that we humans are meant to be in relationship with one another, our certificate courses offer:

  • Real-world solutions for effective dialogue and collaboration
  • Sustainable processes to ensure compliance in any organization
  • Practical techniques for engaging interaction to produce positive, lasting change
  • Knowledge you can use where you work, in your community, even at home

Who It's For

CLU Certificates were created for those in leadership positions, community organizers and for anyone with a passion for life-long learning. CLU’s online certificate programs offer timely information for collaborating with diverse people to impact meaningful change.

Journey with us on your own or access Group Sales for more information on learning for teams and organizations.

About Claremont Lincoln University

Claremont Lincoln University is an accredited, non-profit graduate university founded in the belief that education should help transform the world around us.  Master's degree programs include Organizational Leadership, Healthcare Administration, Human Resources, Social Impact, Civic Engagement, Ethics, Peace and Social Justice, Higher Education, Sustainable Leadership, Technology Management, and more. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a top quality education at an affordable tuition.  Learn more about CLU and our Masters Degrees.