Beyond Bias - Online Certificate Course

Beyond Bias

Beyond Bias is a new 6-week certificate offered at Claremont Lincoln University. If you want to build strong, inclusive relationships, then addressing bias is an essential ingredient.

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About this Course

We are the solution!

Moving beyond bias requires making connections to people and ideas in order to transform our learned stereotypes and assumptions. CLU has designed a certificate to introduce you to the issue of implicit bias, how to identify when and to whom it is happening, and learn strategies to intervene or transform bias. Each week, you will learn about implicit bias through engaging videos, informative articles, discussion forums, and essay writing. At the conclusion of the course you will have the tools and knowledge to be an advocate for transforming bias in your life and community!

What will you learn? The three Ds:

  • Dialogue Skills: You will participate in and learn to utilize dialogue practices designed to engage difficult, often divisive issues related to bias and prejudice.
  • Democratic Thinking: You will develop an understanding of how bias limits the American promise of equality of opportunity and imperils democratic life.
  • Decision Making: You will develop ethical and practical frameworks for addressing bias in yourself and your community.

By the end of this course you will know:

  • What is implicit bias?
  • How does implicit bias occur?
  • Where does implicit bias come from?
  • What can be done to transform implicit bias?
  • How can I create change around implicit bias?

Get updates on when this certificate will become available:

6 Weeks