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About Interfaith Understanding Certificate

Leadership in a complex world requires the skills and knowledge to collaborate and communicate with a diverse audience.

Through these courses you will learn the history of major world religions, the emergence of marginalized voices, issues of power and influence, and uncover your own biases and assumptions about religions.

You will apply this knowledge to learn how to become a more effective leader in the modern, diverse workplace and in personal situations. In addition, self-reflection and application are encouraged to help you understand your own biases and how to manage these in intercultural interactions. The cultural intelligence gained in these courses will guide your success as strategic communicators and leaders.

To encourage skill and knowledge development, there are many opportunities throughout each course for practice, self-reflection, and immediate application in the workplace and in personal contexts.

8 Hours

Courses in the Interfaith Understanding Certificate

Courses can be taken individually or together for a discount as part of a complete Certificate.

Introduction to Interfaith - Interfaith Understanding Certificate

Introduction to Interfaith

This interfaith course explores personal reasons for interfaith engagement, identifies participants in this work, and investigates the wider field of interfaith.


Religons Around the World - Interfaith Understanding Certificate

Religions Around the World

This course provides concrete and inspiring knowledge about the major world’s traditions, including “spiritual but not religious” and secular humanism.


Power & Privilege - Interfaith Understanding Certificate

Power & Privilege

In this course, you will learn to begin to understand how different religions inform structures of power and privilege.


Cultural Awareness & Self-Efficacy - Interfaith Understanding Certificate

Cultural Awareness & Self-Efficacy

This course provides resources and exploration on how major religious and ethical traditions have dealt with this question, and how contemporary practitioners answer it today.


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