Women's Empowerment - Online Certificate Course

Women Leading Change Certificate

What does it mean to be included, to have a voice, and providence over your professional life? The Women’s Empowerment Certificate at CLU prepares students to apply empowerment and self-advocacy strategies to transition situations of exclusion into opportunities for change.

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About this Course

Women Leading Change is an exciting, new 6-week certificate offered at Claremont Lincoln University that examines what it means to be a woman who leads change in the 21st century. This course explores how women are using their collective voice and influence to advocate for equity and justice today. If you are ready to use your personal power and exercise your influence to spark social change as an advocate for equity and justice, this certificate will help prepare you to do just that.

Why Women Leading Change? From the #MeToo and Times Up movements to achieving equity in the workplace to intersectionality and violence against women, the fight for gender equality is changing. There is a shift in the women’s movement that has created a new foundation for how we understand and make connections between different experiences. Women from different backgrounds, working in different sectors, of different ethnicities, with different stories — are speaking up, and people are listening and responding. The Women Leading Change certificate explores and underscores how women are writing a new playbook for power and equality.

Become a Champion for Change: The Women Leading Change Certificate provides you with a foundational overview of the issues facing women today. You will examine the various ways women are positioning themselves to become drivers of progress in the women’s movement. Each week, you will learn through engaging videos, informative articles, discussion forums, and essay writing. At the conclusion, you will apply this new learning and develop a Leadership Impact Plan that identifies how you will become a champion for change on an issue facing women today.

As a result of taking this course the student will:

  • Know the major gender issues confronting women today
  • Understand how the women’s movement evolved in the 21st century
  • Have some of the tools required to become a mindful advocate and leader in the women’s movement
  • Be exposed to some of the best storytelling resources available for using one’s own voice to ignite change
  • Be better prepared to lead and succeed as a change champion on social issues facing girls and women

Get updates on when this certificate will become available:

The Women Leading Change certificate provides students with a foundational overview of feminist theory through intersectionality and common criticisms of feminism. Students will identify and deconstruct responses to prejudice in different sociocultural contexts, while engaging with female leaders who advocate for equality. During this program, students will explore self-care practices focused on mindfulness and meaningful dialogue. They will apply effective communication techniques to develop engaging strategies that address inclusion barriers, while cultivating concepts of personal power and personal environment control. After completing this course, students will be able to self-advocate in a personally empowering manner that also furthers shared understanding among diverse participants resulting in lasting positive change.

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Define feminist theories and articulate how they directly support inclusion goals.
  2. Critically evaluate the influence of gender roles on individuals and entire communities.
  3. Identify specific areas such as theology, science, law, etc. that affect women empowerment issues and gender equality.
  4. Develop creative and engaging strategies for meeting the needs of women within communities.
  5. Implement a change plan that facilitates personal empowerment and self-advocacy

Weekly Lesson Topics

  • Week 1: Foundations of feminist thought
  • Week 2: History & context of feminist movements
  • Week 3:  Feminist theology & self-care practices
  • Week 4:  Exclusionary science & strategies for advocacy
  • Week 5:  Equal opportunity & the fight for women’s education
  • Week 6:  Persistent politics: criticisms on women’s participation in government
  • Week 7: Needs & rights of women under the law.
  • Week 8: Worth of a woman: the economics of women’s empowerment.
  • Week 9: From “mansplaining” to “feminazis”, society’s influence on gender.
  • Week 10: Disrupting the status quo: developing a change plan.
6 Weeks