Digital Storytelling for Social Impact - Online Certificate Course

Digital Storytelling for Social Impact

Increase the impact of your cause by telling stories that resonate with your audience. This course teaches you storytelling techniques for social causes and how to utilize digital technologies to build awareness and engage your audiences.

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About this Course

Good ideas have a hard time of spreading in the world while stories are immemorial.

How can we use stories to spread our ideas in the digital era?

What makes an idea understood, remembered with a lasting impact? Those ideas require a story:  creative, effective and value-driven.  Without question, digital technology has changed the delivery of stories. Harnessing best practices and using technological tools is a powerful way of engaging and inspiring change.

Digital Storytelling for Social Impact is designed as a certificate course for social impact innovators.  In this course, we don’t just tell you, we show you exactly how to build and share your story.  Social sector organizations need to reach the right people, convey the right message, achieve the right results; telling one’s story is not enough.  Learn about the advancements in digital technologies that can convert your audience to take action.

By the end of this course, students will be able to: 

  • Build a good story, from proposal, storyboard to digital project
  • Identify and align digital story messages to a primary audience
  • Use simple editing tools and software to develop digital stories
  • Incorporate branding into storytelling projects
  • Analyze results to determine success

Weekly Lesson Topics

  • Week 1: Introduction to storytelling & audience identification
  • Week 2: Narrative strategy & story development
  • Week 3: Digital marketing with social media
  • Week 4: Steps to storyboard a video project
  • Week 5: Tools & resource for creating a digital story
  • Week 6: Measuring the impact of a digital story

Weekly & Major Assignments

  • Weekly Discussions: Each week, students must read and watch primary source material. The faculty will be available to respond once a week to questions & assignments
  • Weekly Learning Activity: Students will complete a proposal, storytelling plan, marketing plan, and storyboard for a digital story
  • Major Assignment or Project: Students will complete a Storytelling Project utilizing all information and resources learned throughout the course.  The Storytelling Project will encompass purpose, identification of key stakeholders, scope, resources, deliverables, Gantt chart and evaluation.
6 Weeks
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