Frequently Asked Questions

The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge can be used to access online coursework.
All major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express), including PayPal are accepted methods of payment.

Group Sales will be invoiced and can pay by check.

An account will be created for you when you enroll in your first course or program. Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll receive an email with instructions to confirm your email address and setup a password.
No. Logins are issued to the individual learner and not to groups. We ask that you maintain the privacy of your login information. Digital badges and printable certificates are only awarded once per account.
The account you create is yours to use in perpetuity. It does not expire and can be used to login continually if you wish to take additional certificates and/or courses.
All coursework is accessible online. All learning materials are presented using self-paced learning methods.
Self-paced learning is a completely learner-centric delivery of educational material. As opposed to synchronous learning, in which the learner is placed on a set schedule of activities and interacts with an instructor and/or fellow learners, or asynchronous learning that provides learners more flexibility to study material on their own schedules with teacher-learner relations being conducted via email or discussion boards, the certificate courses provided by Claremont Lincoln University are intentionally developed to allow learners to decide on their own pace of study without a fixed start or end point. Additionally, learners are able to begin their study as soon as they have registered for a certificate or course. Because there is no real-time interaction with others, learners are able to move at their own pace.
When learners complete a course they earn a badge. The badge is a visual representation of the competencies they have acquired through the course of study. This badge can then be used to advertise these acquired competencies on social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook.
A certificate is the credential earned upon completing a number of courses. Each course earns the learner a digital badge. A collection of specific digital badges results in a certificate. Certificates are available in a printable format for certification purposes.
The amount of time it takes a learner to complete a certificate varies and is dependent on the individual learners’ preferences.
For groups interested in purchasing packages of courses and/or certificates please contact:
(909) 667-4413

Coursework is accessible on all desktop and tablet devices. While it’s possible to access the material on smartphones, it’s not recommended due to the interactive learning elements and the amount of required writing.
Because these courses are offered as self-paced learning experiences there is no instructor. However, discussion forums are available to the learners to ask their questions and interact with one another. Staff at Claremont Lincoln University frequently check the discussion boards and will respond if they can.
No. The certificates and courses are not available for college credit.
The transferability of the certificate is up to the discretion of the individual school. The certificates are not designed to be transferable, however it is advised that you contact the registrar’s office at your institution to inquire as to whether the institution will accept the competencies learned in the certificate as evidence of credit. Certificates cannot be transferred into Claremont Lincoln University Master’s programs.
All sales are final for courses and certificates. Please direct further questions to: